Parent Testimonials

“We couldn’t be happier with Oakfield, it was definitely one of the best decisions we have made. We feel confident that our son has been given the best possible start to his life and that the education he has received at Oakfield will assist him in his future. Truly a first class organisation.”

- Mrs Louise S.

“Oakfield is excellent in every respect, but it is worthy of being recognised above all other excellent nurseries as the best day nursery, because every child is treated in the same way a parent would treat its own; with unconditional love.”

- Mrs T. H.

“The attention to detail is exceptional. The love, care and education is like home from home. My children are so happy and content, and so are we as parents, knowing that they are being looked after so incredibly well. I wish I could go there!”

- Mr & Mrs Emma & Jan H.

“Oakfield is the best nursery in the whole world. First of all, the owner/director has strong leadership that is brought by a background of ownership, which is key to making this nursery very special. She has a very strong belief and passion to provide the best opportunities at the early stage of children's lives and she actually does by involving, by managing and by loving so many people which is really remarkable. Second, a lot of trustworthy people who share her belief and passion are devoting their lives in Oakfield. In terms of professionalism, their levels are unbelievably high no matter what role they are playing there. I have been so impressed for the last nearly 3 years by the level that Oakfield is aiming to reach, which is far beyond my imagination and expectation. As a result, my daughter absolutely loves Oakfield. Sometimes she even wants to go to Oakfield for weekends. My husband and I shall be grateful to Oakfield for giving her the best start in her life for our lifetimes.”

- Mrs Kanayo O.

“Before my son started nursery, friends warned me how difficult it was dropping them off in the morning as they never wanted to go. However with Oakfield I've never had one day in 2 1/2 years when x has been reluctant to go. He always runs in without looking back! He's so happy at the nursery and he doesn't want to leave at the end of the day. I have complete peace of mind while he is in their care.”

- Mrs Laura B. 

“This nursery is superb and I'm so pleased we chose this environment for our daughter. The staff and management are fantastic and they clearly love their jobs. The attention to detail and love that my daughter receives is so comforting to us that we would have no hesitation in recommending this nursery to friends and family.”

- Mrs Susan E.

“Oakfield Nursery is excellent in every aspect and I would not consider sending my children to any other nursery. Most importantly the children are extremely well loved – as a result the establishment has a calm and extremely happy atmosphere and the children are always having a fun time. All the staff are so kind and loving with the children and it really feels as if the staff delight in the development of the children as much as the parents. Nothing is ever too much trouble and the staff are always happy to chat about your child and provide feedback.”

- Mrs Kate O.

“Our experience far exceeds our expectations.  Apart from the first-class facilities, it is also the people (aunties) at Oakfield that set it on another level.  My son spoke no English when first joining Oakfield, and the aunties proposed and took the time to learn some Mandarin, so they can communicate with him.  During the past year, my wife and I have witnessed tremendous transformation in our son’s developments and just like all other Oakfieldians, has grown to be a very happy, confident and capable individual.”

- Michael’s Parents.

“My daughter has had the good fortune to be part of the Oakfield ‘family’.  I’ve watched her blossom into a happy, confident, intelligent wee girl, with exceptional emotional maturity and superb social skills, whilst retaining the joy of childhood. My daughter enters nursery laughing and I struggle to pull her away at the end of the day, when she tells me how each member of that team has worked together to make that and every one of her days special. The consistent high standard of integrated care my daughter received from this diverse, yet stable team of staff cannot be paralleled. As parents we are very much included and ‘on board’ as part of the Oakfield team, with constant feedback given and our opinions sought!”

- Dr Marina A.

“We have two children at Oakfield Nursery, both who started at a very young age in the baby unit.  Leaving young babies in the trust of carers has to be one of the biggest decisions anyone takes.  My husband and I are able to do our jobs without any worry about the care of our children.  We completely trust that the care and affection they receive is of the highest possible standard.  This nursery stands out as one of the most impressively run businesses I have come across with a team of staff that show genuine honesty, integrity, conscientiousness, leadership and overall happiness in everything they do in their work.”

- Mrs Vicky C.

“My children are so happy and content here. The attention to detail is excellent and the staff certainly go that 'extra mile' to ensure that the needs of each individual child are met. I feel that my children are extremely capable at such a young age because of the exceptional care, education and attention they receive. The progress in their development has been outstanding and I know my children excel here. It is in my mind the best nursery in the area and deserves every credit.”

- Mrs Grace F.

“We cannot praise the entire team at Oakfield highly enough.  The care, attention and warmth the nursery staff have shown our two children is simply outstanding.  Each child at Oakfield receives close and personal attention to ensure that they achieve all of which they are capable. Every day when we drop off our child, we feel confident and happy that they will have a wonderful day and receive the best care possible.  The administration team are extremely friendly and efficient and always make one feel valued as a parent.”

- Mrs Karen S.

“Our 2.5 year old son has been attending Oakfield Nursery since his first birthday and we are delighted to recommend it. Due to a rare genetic condition, X has special educational needs and a few medical issues that need to be addressed daily.  The nursery has always been, not only supportive, but also very proactive in helping his development, collaborating with a team of experts who assess and give advices on his condition.  They have provided a wonderful, caring and loving environment that helps to maximize our son’s developmental potential, and makes such a difference to daily life of all our family.  Oakfield Nursery is an outstanding, special place, incomparable to any other nursery that we have ever come across!”

- Mrs Anna S.

“Our daughters have always come home and spoken with great enthusiasm about all that they have done during the day. It is obvious that they are extremely fond of all the staff.  Roisin, the proprietor, is a unique and passionate individual, who tirelessly strives to provide the best educational facilities and a truly nurturing environment.  She, along with the nursery staff, always ensure that we are fully informed of any new developments within the nursery and what our children have been doing on a day to day basis.  By sending our children to Oakfield we are 100% confident that we are furnishing them with the best possible start in terms of their education, confidence and all round social skills.”

- Mr Nick S.

“Oakfield Nursery is one of the best nurseries I have come across. The staff, quality of education, food and just everything is perfect.”

- Mrs Shagun A.

"The owner's passion for high-quality childcare is evident in every element and I would highly recommend to any prospective parent - you wouldn't be disappointed."

- Mrs Alexi W.

Oakfield delivers an exceptional service for our family. We have confidence that our child's needs are catered for at all levels and that they are getting the best all round experience and education at the nursery. Our child is extremely important to us and we are delighted with the experience and service received to date at Oakfield.

- Mr Daniel W.

“The ethos of the Nursery is such that we know our children have the best educational and social surroundings. Their attention to making sure that the children are well mannered, polite and caring is formidable.”

- Mrs Jane C.

“When I decided to return to work full time I needed childcare. I researched all the options. Oakfield stands out. It has everything – a happy atmosphere, happy children, and as a result happy parents. The time I have with x is quality time, and so is the time he spends at Nursery.”

- Mrs Caren B.

“The nursery has consistently high standards, going above and beyond the requirements of the EYFS. The team at Oakfield are committed and passionate. My daughter is very happy at the nursery and I am pleased with her development.”

- Mrs Melanie F.

“Highly trained staff who have great relationships with the children. They always have structured/educational topics, each and every day. High ratio of staff to children. My son settled very quickly due to the calm atmosphere. An outstanding nursery on all levels.”

- Mrs Gemma M.

"Being a first time mum I was nervous about sending my daughter to nursery, however she absolutely loves it there, I can tell by the smiles and happiness of my daughter. All of the staff I have come into contact with have enthusiasm, a love of children and are a credit to Oakfield."

- Mrs Kim S.

“Home from home but with more ladies to cuddle!”

- Mrs Sarah M.

“Oakfield is fantastic! The staff’s enthusiasm and care compliment the excellent facilities and equipment, providing a safe, loving and stimulating place. My son has flourish since he started in the Baby Unit. He is now a fun-loving, bright little boy, who ‘hops, skips and jumps’ into nursery - his brother cannot wait to join him!”

- Mrs Ann J.

“Excellent childcare. Never felt guilty about leaving a child here, as I know they would be having a fantastic day (probably better than a day off with me!). Given my children a great start and were able to make the transition from nursery to school without any trouble.”

- Mrs Jane L.

“What better recommendation could there be than to see your child run into nursery with barely a backward glance and begrudgingly leave in the afternoon? Oakfield Nursery staff provide a secure, friendly, caring and stimulating environment and the children can’t resist it. We parents couldn’t ask for more.”

- Christina’s Mummy & Daddy

"The quality of care received at Oakfield Nursery School from the staff and the opportunities given to the children are beyond my expectations."

- Arun’s Mummy & Daddy

"I am absolutely delighted with the loving, caring environment at Oakfield. I can go to work happy, knowing that my children are in the best place possible. It will be a shame when my children have to leave Oakfield to go to school!"

- Mrs Hailey H.

"There is nowhere else I would be happy to entrust my twin sons. Oakfield could not do anymore to meet the individual needs of each child, from the physical, psychological, emotional and social perspective. Oakfield is excellent in practice, a truly dedicated, caring team devoted to developing each child’s potential".

- Mrs Margret B.

"Our family's experience of Oakfield Nursery School has been fantastic, from the moment we were offered a place to now, where our two year old loves the nursery. All the staff are fantastic, they are friendly, welcoming and care deeply for the children. We couldn't be happier with Oakfield."

- Mr Darren D.

"Oakfield is a wonderful nursery where children are well cared for and thrive. Our sons are really happy there and we are confident in the professionals who work there. The staff are kind, knowledgeable and reassuring. We'll be very sad when both leave to go to school!"

- Mrs Helen M.

"Oakfield has been absolutely fantastic. I have two little ones attending who are thriving and doing incredibly well. The skills they have gained and their development is absolutely brilliant. The reassurance of knowing how well looked after, cared for and nurtured my little ones are is amazing. The facilities and energy of Oakfield is exceptional."

- Mrs Alexandra T.

“This nursery stood out above all others I viewed. The enthusiastic management shines through every aspect. It is a bright, happy, stimulating place full of lovely, friendly, highly trained and motivated staff and I feel very reassured that my daughter is receiving the best possible childcare available.”

- Mrs Jo E.

“My husband and I can't recommend the nursery highly enough to others - it is such a happy and caring place and like a second home to the children. All the staff know all the children very well, regardless of whether they are the child's key carer (we are greeted in the morning with smiles from everyone). The staff are experienced and the management team are 'hands on'. The focus of Oakfield Nursery School Ltd is on learning through having fun and helping the children reach their potential. The nursery has prepared my son extremely well for school and my daughter is loving it. We honestly couldn't be happier.”

- Mrs Claire F.

“Oakfield Nursery School is so much more than a nursery. The care they provide for children is outstanding. There is an amazing structure and a comprehensive range of activities that all designed to help children develop and prepare for life. Every member of staff is amazing, they are all friendly and helpful but most of all they truly care for every child. Our son is constantly encouraged to try new things and learn new skills. At Oakfield, he receives the perfect combination of care and learning. I know our son will continue to go from strength to strength during his time at Oakfield.” 

- Mrs Emma B.

Consistently excellent in all areas. Oakfield provides the best standard of care for our two children. Wonderful facilities, capable, bright and caring staff. Fantastic curriculum for the old children and a varied, stimulating environment for the younger children. We have two happy boys you are to be look forward to the time at a Oakfield each week. We couldn't recommend this nursery more highly.

- Mrs Amber G.

“We cannot praise the entire team at  Oakfield highly enough. The care, attention and warmth the nursery staff have shown our two children is simply outstanding. Each child at Oakfield receives close and personal attention to ensure that they achieve all of which they are capable. Every day when we drop off our child we feel confident and happy that they will have a wonderful day and receive the best possible care. The administration team are extremely friendly and efficient and always make one feel valued as a parent. Our daughters have always come home and spoken with great enthusiasm about all that they have done during the day and it is obvious that they are extremely fond of all the staff. Roisin, the proprietor, is a unique and passionate individual who tirelessly strives to provide the best educational facilities and a truly nurturing environment. She, along with the nursery staff, always ensure that we are fully informed of any new developments within the nursery and what our children have been doing on a daily basis. By sending our children to Oakfield we are 100% confident that we are furnishing them with the best possible start in terms of the education, confidence and all round social skills.”

- Mrs Karen S.

“We could not praise Oakfield enough; our son has been with the nursery for 1 year and above all the positives that we could mention, we would simply reflect how happy he has been. The staff are caring and know the children as individuals.  They have a genuine interest and we really feel like our son is special to them rather than part of their work responsibilities.  Facilities are excellent, cleanliness outstanding and the food fresh and varied.  Oakfield go out of their way to communicate with us parents about our son’s development and progress, ensuring continuity with our parenting.”

- Mr & Mrs Richard and Georgina V.

“I now have my 3rd child at Oakfield Nursery School Ltd and have to say it is to my mind the 'best' nursery. If I could mark it above excellent, I would! My child feels secure and happy and is very well looked after meaning I feel happy getting on with my day too. There is a high ratio of fully qualified nursery staff to children and every day different activities are set out. It is very well structured and organised with much thought to your child's development. My child loves the dance, music and football sessions each week. The nursery itself is a beautiful building and has a very warm welcoming homely feel. My older two have left the nursery and were very well prepared for school and still have lovely friends from nursery. I cannot talk highly enough of Oakfield Nursery School Ltd as it has been, and still is, a fantastic part of my children's life.”

- Mrs Victoria B.

“The nursery staff are wonderful with my daughter and she clearly loves her time with them all.  The staff plan so many brilliant activities for the children and I am amazed by how much my daughter is learning all the time.  The school itself is beautiful and there can be no doubt that Mrs Moriarty’s enthusiasm and passion has filtered all the way through the school, to both aunties and children alike.”

- Mrs Priti L.

“The proprietor has excellent standards of service and quality both with people and facilities. Her commitment reflects on staff and makes the nursery the most desirable one to attend.”

- Mr Ilan L.

“After 20 years in business, I’ve never come across such teamwork. What a team! It’s a good job Roisin and Co aren’t in the Premier League – it’d all be over in one game!”

- Mrs Catherine K.

“Oakfield's attention to detail inspires confidence and makes this nursery stand out. Staff are fun, outgoing and caring. The facilities are well thought out with the children in mind, play is very constructive and the environment conducive for learning.”

- Mrs Genevieve M.

“Oakfield is a first class nursery. All aspects are designed to ensure the children are well cared for in a friendly and stimulating environment. The nursery also exceeds at offering that "bit extra" by including experiences like visits from police, firemen, football/tennis coaches all within the curriculum.”

- Mrs Dawn G.

"We have been incredibly impressed with Oakfield since our child started in the Baby Unit. There is a great energy which runs throughout the nursery, and all members of staff are very caring and engaged. Facilities are outstanding and spacious, both indoors and out. Our toddler has settled quickly and is happy to go to nursery each time."

- Mrs Rachael N.

“We have nothing but praise for the Oakfield family (team). You just have to take one step inside to sense how happy, caring and friendly they all are.  They all communicate and work so well together. Our 4 children are so lucky to have had the ‘Oakfield’ experience!  The wonderful thing is that there are still the same faces today (in the Baby Unit now with the twins) that were there 11 years ago with my eldest child. The staff are obviously as well looked after as the children!”

- Mr John R.

“Having had a previous nursery experience with our elder child, we thought we knew what to expect from Oakfield, despite the glowing reports from friends.  How very wrong we were!  For this is a team of dedicated Aunties who make this nursery really special. From even prior to our little one starting at Oakfield at her settling in visits, this marvellous team made us feel part of the wider Oakfield family.  The pastoral care they give us is truly unsurpassable. All the wonderful Aunties ooze care and commitment to their charges and it is evident that there is both respect and friendship amongst the colleagues too. The happy environment they provide transfers to the children and as such, our little one is thriving in the surroundings she loves and amongst a team of Aunties who clearly adore her.  We could not ask for more. Thank you.”

- Mr & Mrs Claire and Rupert D.

“Roisin’s passion, enthusiasm, knowledge, expertise and professionalism cascade throughout Oakfield Nursery.  It is a loving, caring, educational and immensely fun environment in which both our girls have thrived and developed due to the love, care and attention Roisin and her dedicated team of Aunties have given them.  We have nothing but praise for Roisin and her team, who make the nursery exceptional and in a league of its own.”

- Mrs Nicola C.

“I always had total peace of mind when I left my children at Oakfield, knowing that they were exceptionally well cared for, happy and stimulated in a super environment. The boys have taken away many happy memories and nursery holds a very special place in their hearts.”

- Mr Thomas M.

“Oakfield is an outstanding nursery in so many ways. It has given my children an excellent start in life in their social and intellectual development. It is warm and friendly and my children have spent their happiest times there.”

- Mrs Lisa H.

“Oakfield feels like a loving community. I feel my daughters have cherished and matured in a way that is skilful and meaningful. It is clear that policy and regime are infused with attention to best practice. Seven years on, and tellingly many of the same staff are still there.”

- Mrs Gail T.

“Because having your child at Oakfield Nursery is just like having them in a homely environment. The children smile on arrival everyday which is a delight to see.”

- Oscar’s Mummy & Daddy.

“With such a varied and hands-on agenda, with warmth and total understanding any child cannot fail to be happy, secure and contented at Oakfield Day Nursery School.”

- Mrs Paula D.

“I have had three children attend Oakfield Nursery School and I can honestly say the staff are truly amazing. Everyone who works there is part of a dedicated and motivated team, striving to provide a caring and educational environment for our children.  Although everyone at the nursery has a different role to play, it appears seamless as they work together with the same goal, making every child at the heart of what they do.”

- Mrs Gemma J.

"Safe, organised and immaculate- packed with activities to stimulate and educate enquiring minds. The staff are always enthusiastic and knowledgeable about our son. We receive regular newsletters and the walls are brimming with details about routines, meals and staff. Our son is always happy when left and cheerful at collection".

- Mrs Santhi D.

As parents of a daughter with Down’s Syndrome, we have been overwhelmed at the support and enthusiasm everyone at Oakfield has given x. We could not wish for a more dedicated and caring environment where x is obviously happy and making excellent progress in her physical, language and social development."

- Mr & Mrs Louise & Jason R.

"Little miracles need a special place to grow. Oakfield offers a secure, friendly environment with care and quality at the top of their agenda. Going that extra mile inspires confidence".

- Mr & Mrs Cameron & Liz F.

"Fantastic facilities, with a well structured and well organised variety of activities designed for learning with fun. The staff take a genuine interest in every child."

Mrs Nikki R.

"A well thought out, structured forward thinking developmental programme for all children delivered in a happy, caring and warm environment."

- Mrs Lise J.

"Our son is now in his second year at Oakfield and we couldn't be happier with sending him to this brilliant place. Staff foster a genuine connection with the children whose educational and emotional needs are fully considered and provided for. I cannot recommend Oakfield enough."

- Mrs Alex J.

"Oakfield Nursery is a warm, caring, happy nursery. Your child is happy, the care received is amazing, the facilities are superb and the staff are fantastic."

- Mrs Anita M.

"Oakfield combines standards and discipline with a recruiting policy that captures real gems. All of this makes for a wonderful institution that manifests itself in beautiful, happy and healthy children."

- Mr & Mrs Andrew & Sarah D.

"The staff are focused and enthusiastic and learning opportunities are woven into every aspect of the day, cleverly disguised as play. Our daughter has been very happy there and we wouldn't want her anywhere else."

- Mrs Nicola K.