“I have had the privilege of leading Oakfield since 2000.

Here, we have a shared vision of what we want our nursery school to be.

A place that nurtures growth in children’s hearts and minds.

A place where individual gifts, talents, and passions (in children and adults) are recognised, cultivated and supported.

A place that nurtures a connection to nature.

A place where children's initial experiences of learning are fun, challenging and rewarding.

A place where you can smell the fresh, warm, clean scents of home and hear the sound of children’s laughter, singing and chatter.

A place where lasting friendships can be made in a culture of kindness.

I believe that Oakfield is that place.

Every day we continue to work towards our vision.

I would be delighted to welcome you to Oakfield and show you around.

Roisin Moriarty