Children move from Tweenies and Toddlers to Prep 1 at approximately 2.8 years and into Prep 2 at approximately 3.8 years.

At 4 - 4.11 years (depending on their birth month), Prep 2 children leave for mainstream school.

Prep 1 and Prep 2 are separate classes, each with their own educators and qualified teachers (for 51 weeks of the year).

Our highly qualified practitioner to child ratio is high, ranging between 1:4 - 1:7. In addition to this, we have supernumerary Managers and specialist teachers for dance, Spanish, Stretch n Grown and music lessons.

All of our Preps team (teachers and educators) hold a degree, or have a minimum of 20 years’ experience.

The planning and assessment of children’s learning is based around the Early Years Foundation Stage, for which we have gained an ‘Outstanding’ from OFSTED. 

When their child moves up to the Preps classes, parents are invited to our ‘Preps Evening’. This is a social and informative evening for parents, during which we explain how we deliver the EYFS to extend children’s learning through their play. We also provide a ‘Reading and Writing’ workshop, to give parents tips and ideas to implement at home (in partnership with Oakfield), to make this a positive and fulfilling experience for their child.

All three and four year olds are eligible for the Early Education Funding. 

Children wear Oakfield uniform when they join Prep 1.

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Please note:

Due to high demand and limited number of places available, most parents apply in their early stages of pregnancy.

We rarely have entry places in Preps. A Prep place may become available if existing children leave the area, or if full-time children reduce to part-time attendance.

In this situation, the place would be offered to a child from our ‘Reserve list’, whose age matches that of the child leaving. 

To avoid disappointment, we urge parents to apply during pregnancy. However, if your child is already born, we would still encourage the lodging of an application, in the event of a place becoming available at a later date.