Baby Unit


Our Baby Unit is designed to create a ‘home-from-home’ environment.

With it’s own entrance it is completely separate from the rest of the nursery.

Our Baby Unit comprises:

  • Four, bright and spacious play rooms, opening onto an outdoor play area (solely for our babies’ use).

  • A separate cot room, where every baby has their own cot. In this quiet, calm and cosy room, we use soothing essential oils and soft, gentle music, to lull the babies to sleep.

  • A sensory room, where babies can engage in a holistic experience; playing with colours, lights, scents, textures and sounds.

  • Two separate changing rooms, where every child has their own cupboard space.

  • Two kitchens. All meals are freshly made in our main kitchen. However our catering staff use one Baby Unit kitchen to prepare our babies’ meals (e.g. pureeing, depending on each child’s stage of weaning), and the second kitchen to sterilise equipment and prepare bottles.

  • A separate laundry room.


In this warm, secure and stimulating environment, your baby is able to form relationships, make friends, explore, investigate and understand the world around them.

A wide variety of multi-sensory activities are planned to promote your baby’s emotional, physical, cognitive, linguistic and social development.

When your child first starts with us, we take our lead from your existing routine. Parents are involved in all aspects of their child’s progress and development, including the decision about when their child is ready to move up to our Tweenie & Toddler group.